Arabic Language – classical Quranic Arabic

Pupils are taught Arabic from beginners level up to GCSE, incorporating Arabic Islamic texts.

  • Year 1: Basic reading and writing, simple vocabulary and responding to simple instructions in Arabic.
  • Year 2: Forming simple sentences and moving onto more complex sentences in Arabic. Read, write and understand simple texts incorporating:
    • Gender
    • Pronouns (Personal & Possessive)
    • Adjectives
  • Year 3: Reading and writing more advanced texts incorporating all of the above and conjugation of verbs in the present and future tenses. References from the Quran are used within the texts
  • Year 4: Texts using conjugation of verbs in all three tenses are studied. Pupils begin to write their own essays including greater use of connectives and topic variation.
  • Year 5: GCSE Course starts – reading, writing, listening and oral skills developed.
  • Year 6: GCSE exam preparation (EDEXCEL Exam Board, Exam centre – Spring Hill High School)
  • Year 7: AS level (incorporating Quranic and Ahadith texts)
  • Year 8: A2 level Arabic


  • Year 1: Basic reading skills and memorisation of short surahs of juz amma.
  • Year 2: Advance reading skills and basic rules of tajweed and memorisation of juz amma.
  • Year 3: All rules of tawjeed , pupils focus on reading and memorising juz amma and juz tabarak
  • Year 4: Memorisation of complete Quran begins with correct tajweed.

Islamic studies

The following topics are taught in English:

  • Basic beliefs – oneness of Allah, messengers of Allah, Angels, divine books, day of judgement and the afterlife.
  • Five pillars – shahadah, salah, zakah, sawm and the hajj
  • Islamic moral character – respect for parents, maintaining family ties, relationships with the rest of society, avoidance of lying and cheating, pursuit of academic excellence and helping those less fortunate
  • Seerah – study of the life of the prohet Muhammad (SAW) and its daily implementation
  • Quran & Ahadith – study of selective texts from the two divine sources



Assalamu Alykum

Dear Parents

Welcome to another Academic year at the Arabic School. Alhamdulillah our recent move to RGS will be the start of another exciting phase of our project. The new and bigger facilities will allow us to further develop and plan for the future, Inshallah.

This is a big year for some of our students, who will be sitting their Arabic GCSE exams....make dua.

They have a lot to live up to, in the past some of our pupils have secured grade A’s whilst still in primary school!

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all the parents for their continued support and to encourage them to take an active role in their childrens’ Islamic education.

Head Teacher

The Arabic School

The Children’s Arabic School has the aims of:

  • To teach children the Arabic Language (Quranic Arabic)
  • To teach children to read and memorize the Quran according to the rules of tajweed
  • To teach Islamic Studies

The school is dedicated to promoting the highest teaching standards using modern teaching methods, highly qualified and experienced teachers.

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