• Year 1: Basic reading skills and memorisation of short surahs of juz amma.
  • Year 2: Advance reading skills and basic rules of tajweed and memorisation of juz amma.
  • Year 3: All rules of tawjeed , pupils focus on reading and memorising juz amma and juz tabarak
  • Year 4: Memorisation of complete Quran begins with correct tajweed.


Message Board

Exam Results

Assalamu Alykum

Alhamdulillah this is the first year the Arabic school has entered pupils for the GCSE Arabic Exam, and by the grace of Allah the results have been outstanding.

Mashallah, three pupils achieved a grade A, two of these pupils are still at primary school! – we may have a record here – and the third is in year 8. Two pupils achieved a grade B – these pupils
are in years 7 & 8 at state schools. Three pupils achieved a grade C – these are in years 7 & 9 at state schools. There were a total of thirteen entries- all the other pupils passed with grade d or below.

Subhanallah , all of this success is from the almighty.

I would like to thank all the teachers for their hard work, the continued support from all the parents, and finally a big thanks to Hafiz Malik – for his immense support throughout the years. Jazakumullah.

Head Teacher

The Arabic School

The Children’s Arabic School was established in 2004 in partnership with the Castlemere Community Centre. The aims of the school are:

  • To teach children the Arabic Language (Quranic Arabic)
  • To teach children to read and memorize the Quran according to the rules of tajweed
  • To teach Islamic Studies

The school is dedicated to promoting the highest teaching standards using modern teaching methods, highly qualified and experienced teachers.

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